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Outdoor Escape Game

Murder on the Eveleigh Express @ Carriageworks

Murder on the Eveleigh Express @ Carriageworks

Solve the case as Detective Sherman Holtz in this murder mystery

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  • Instant Download: Android & iPhone
  • Approx 1 hours duration

Route Details

Start point: Carriageworks, Redfern
Finish point: Carriageworks, Redfern

Distance: 1km

Murder on the Eveleigh Express: Unleash Your Inner Sleuth at Carriageworks

Step into the shoes of Detective Sherman Holtz in Murder on the Eveleigh Express – an outdoor escape game that requires a sharp mind and quick wit to solve the crime.

Your Case: A murder has rocked the tranquil tracks of Carriageworks. A victim, pushed from the speeding Eveleigh Express, lies cold and silent. As Detective Holtz, it’s your duty to scour the historic train yard, untangle a web of deceit, and expose the killer before they vanish like steam into the night.

Unravel the Mystery:

  • Explore the Scene: Dive into the atmospheric depths of Carriageworks, where vintage locomotives and industrial relics whisper secrets of the past.
  • Sharpen Your Deductions: Put your puzzle-solving prowess to the test with cryptic ciphers, cunning contraptions, and mind-bending riddles. Each solved challenge brings you closer to the truth, each misstep closer to a dead end.
  • Hear the Whispers: Professional voice actors breathe life into the suspects and secrets of Carriageworks.
  • Unmask the Murderer: As the evidence mounts and suspicions rise, you’ll need to piece together the puzzle before the culprit escapes. Can you expose the killer and bring justice to the victim, or will the murderer vanish into the shadows of the night?

    Your Await:

    • 1 Hour of Gripping Gameplay: Perfect for groups of friends, families, or couples, Murder on the Eveleigh Express will have you testing your wits to solve the case.
    • Explore the Carriageworks rail yard: Uncover the secrets of Carriageworks with empty tracks, weathered bricks, and rusty cranes hiding the truth.
    • Location, Location, Murder: Situated in the heart of Redfern, Murder on the Eveleigh Express offers a unique blend of escape room thrills and Sydney exploration. Prepare to see this iconic landmark with fresh eyes!

      Will you crack the case, or become the next victim?

      What to bring: Mobile phone

      Escape kit inclusions: Audio Commentary, Puzzles, and Hints

      Wheelchair Accessible: Tour is wheelchair accessible

      Suitable Times: Day, Weekdays, and Weekends

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