Tours - General FAQs

Do I need the internet access while I'm doing the tour?

99% of the content is available offline once you have downloaded the tour within the app.

Tour content that is available offline includes:

  • Audio commentary + transcriptions
  • All puzzles
  • Direction audio + photos
  • Maps

Tour content that is not available offline includes:

  • Our Vision360's (3D photos that allow you to look around)
  • The image on the puzzle success popup

We are currently working towards 100% of the tour content being available offline. If you don't have internet access on your phone, you are still able to download the tour content prior to the tour and complete the tour and the puzzles.

Do you offer phones or devices for hire?

No, at this time we do not offer devices for hire.

Does everyone need their own phone and headphones?

So you can hear the commentary clearly, it is recommended that everyone has their own phone. We also recommend headphones so you can hear clearly, but you can also hold your phone to your ear or use the phone speaker if that suits you better - we often do this when testing our tours to make sure that it is able to be heard.