About our Tours

 We offer 3 types of experiences:

Audio+Puzzle Tours

Audio+Puzzle Tour

Physical tour kit, requires delivery or pick-up
✓ Audiobook-quality commentary delivered via mobile app
✓ Escape-room style puzzles to solve as you explore 

The Audio+Puzzle Tours are our range of flagship products that are similar to a walking tour with additional puzzles to solve as you explore.

Our Audio+Puzzle Tours include:

  • audiobook-quality commentary
  • commentary researched and created by professional tour guides
  • outdoor escape-room style puzzles
  • photo directions to clearly navigate you from stop-to-stop
  • a physical tour kit (tour booklet, puzzle tools, pencil etc).

Premium Audio Tours

Premium Audio Tour

Instant download accessible via our mobile app
✓ Audiobook-quality commentary delivered via mobile app

Our Premium Audio Tours are walking tours with premium audiobook-quality commentary, with the benefit of starting when you want and going at your own pace. 

Our Premium Audio Tours include:

  • audiobook-quality commentary, including multiple voice actors, sound effects etc
  • commentary has been researched and created by professional tour guides
  • photo directions to clearly navigate you from stop-to-stop
  • available for instant download
  • accessed via our mobile app.

    Outdoor Escape Games

    Outdoor Escape Game

     Instant download accessible via our mobile app
    ✓ Audiobook-quality storyline delivered via mobile app
     Escape-room style puzzles to solve as you explore 

    Our Outdoor Escape Games are immersive outdoor adventures that involve characters, a storyline and solving puzzles in the surrounding area that let you discover new places and their fun history.

    Our Outdoor Escape Games include:

    • immersive story-based adventures
    • escape-room style puzzles to solve using your surroundings
    • audiobook-quality voice actors
    • characters and storyline
    • interesting and unique locations.

    About our puzzles

    Our puzzles combine both digital and physical elements, but most of the puzzles need to be solved on location. We do this to help you interact with and explore the world around you.

    Our puzzles have 3 difficulty ratings, being Simpler, Medium, and Complex
    Typically puzzles will require you to observe or search around a little bit, sometimes you will need to figure out a problem, and some puzzles require the use of provided tools.

    All puzzles come with hints in case you get stuck, so that you can still solve the puzzle!

    Read more about our puzzles here

    Tours created from global inspiration

    When exploring locally and abroad, too many times we found ourselves thinking "I just don't know enough about this place", or worse yet we would have organised a tour or activity and think to ourselves "this just isn't that fun or enjoyable".

    We have taken inspiration from different parts of the world that we have experienced and put it into activities that are fun, adventurous, and allow you to create your own stories as you explore.

    Some of those experiences we have drawn upon include:

    • Audio guides in museums across the USA
    • City tours and walking tours across Europe and Australia
    • Multiple mobile apps for tourism and city guides
    • Puzzles and problem solving games from Geocaching globally
    • Multiple Escape Rooms, both physical and VR experiences.

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