About our Tours

Short backstory: When exploring locally and abroad, too many times we found ourselves thinking "I just don't know enough about this place", or worse yet we would have organised a tour or activity and think to ourselves "this just isn't that fun". And so Unlocked Tours was born.

How our tours work

Unlocked Tours are self-guided audio tours, with puzzles to solve as you explore. 

The audio has been professionally created for clarity, and the puzzles are outdoor 'escape-room' style puzzles to be solved.

When doing a tour with us, you will receive a tour kit that typically includes:

  • A tour unlock code for our mobile app (iOS and Android compatible)
  • A tour booklet, with general tour information and puzzles to complete
  • A set of puzzle tools to be used to help solve the puzzles
  • A pen or pencil

Example tour kit


Unlocked Tours combine the best elements of:

  1. typical self-guided audio tours (so you can do it at your own pace, when you want)
  2. 'escape-room' style puzzles (to not just be a passive observer, but to actually engage with the world around you)
  3. user friendly mobile apps (because your own phone and earphones are better than anything we can provide)

Our tours use a combination of both a mobile app and physical booklets / tools

About our puzzles

Our puzzles combine both digital and physical elements, but most of the puzzles need to be solved on location. We do this to help you interact with the world around you, and not just be an observer.

Our puzzles have 3 difficulty ratings, being Simpler, Medium, and Complex
Typically puzzles will require you to observe or search around a little bit, sometimes you will need to figure out a problem, and some puzzles require the use of provided tools.

All puzzles come with hints that gradually reveal more and more information, so that you can still solve the puzzle yourself!

Read more about our puzzles here

Tours created from global inspiration

We have taken inspiration from different parts of the world that we have experienced and put it into a single activity that is the tours you see available today.

Some of those experiences we have drawn upon include:

  • Audio guides in museums across the USA
  • City tours and walking tours across Europe and Australia
  • Multiple mobile apps for tourism and city guides
  • Puzzles and problem solving games from Geocaching globally
  • Multiple Escape Rooms, both physical and VR experiences

Other places to see Unlocked Tours: Viator, TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, ATDW, OzBargain, YHA