About Foundation Park, The Rocks

Foundation Park, situated away from the main tourist areas of The Rocks in Sydney, holds a unique historical charm. Created in 1972 on the site of eight terrace houses that were constructed in the mid-1870s and later demolished in 1938, the park provides a glimpse into the living conditions of the 19th century. Landscaped to complement the nearby Argyle Arts Centre, the park features the ruins of the houses, demonstrating the cramped living spaces of the era. Despite its central location in The Rocks, the small parcel of land within Foundation Park remains dedicated to preserving the historic remains of the once-densely populated area's past.

  • Foundation Park, The Rocks Details

    • A hidden green oasis in the heart of The Rocks
    • Features ruins of old houses, giving a glimpse into the past
    • Plenty of shade and grass on a hot summers day

  • Price - Free

    Free to enter, open 24/7


    Situated behind the main strip on Playfair Street

    Address: Gloucester Walk, The Rocks NSW 2000

Tours that visit Foundation Park, The Rocks