About Martin Place

Martin Place in Sydney is renowned as a vital financial and cultural nexus, epitomizing the beating heart of the city's central business district. Anchored by the Reserve Bank of Australia and major financial institutions, it stands as a hub of economic activity. The architectural landscape is punctuated by landmark buildings, including the iconic GPO building, repurposed for contemporary use, and the sleek Governor Phillip Tower, contributing to the district's visual allure. Beyond its financial significance, Martin Place serves as a dynamic venue for cultural events, ceremonies, and public gatherings, solidifying its multifaceted role in Sydney's civic life.

  • Martin Place Details

    • Houses many financial institutions, such as the Reserve Bank
    • Landmarks such as the historic GPO & Governor Phillip Tower
    • Hosted many events, like celebrations, protests & Anzac Day

  • Price - Free

    Free to enter and walk around, open 24/7


    In the centre of Sydney, from George St, past Pitt St and up to Elizebeth Street

    Address: Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000

Tours that visit Martin Place