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Fun tour, great commentary

We were going to do one of the Im Free walking tours, but didn't realise we had to tip at the end. This was perfect because it was delivered from the app, and the puzzles were an added bonus. Definitely recommended

Different type of tour, recommended

We didn't know tours like this existed with puzzles and audio, so we did the free one then ended up booking the harbour bridge tour also. Heaps of fun, have told our friends about it too

Thank you

App was great, puzzles fun, commentary interesting. Definitely recommended

Free Walking Tour Sydney
D & S - Germany
Fun and educational tour

My boyfriend and I really had a good time on the tour, we found it very informative and would recommend it to others to do. Danke from Dani and Stefan

Both parents and kids enjoyed it, thanks

Had the best time, and the kids (teenagers) loved doing the puzzles too. Commentary wasnt boring at all, and easy to listen to. Thanks

Loved the history

Tour was a good way to see lots of the old places in sydney like the rum hospital and hyde park. Puzzles were more fun than I thought they'd be. Much better doing it on our own time than with the group. Could hear easily

Probably the best free tour we've done

This free Sydney tour was a fantastic find. Loved walking down martin place and seeing the fountain from the matrix


Commentary was really good, interesting. Thanks

Easy to use

The free audio tour of Sydney was great. The app's interface was user-friendly, and the commentary was crystal clear. Also loved the puzzles.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Tour
What Phills Doin'
An amazing experience and great family day out!!

We absoloutely loved our Sydney Harbour Bridge tour!
Click the video link to see a summary of our experience with this awesome tour!

A great activity

We loved this self guided tour. The audio was clear and really interesting, but the fun puzzles were the highlight!

Really good

Really good tour, will be back to do other ones. Thank you

Awesome Harbour Bridge Tour

My partner and I had a great time. The app is nicely set up and easy to use. Great historical information with the audio playing. And the puzzles keep us really engaged. Overall a nice way to spend a few hrs out and about learning about Sydney.

Would recommend!

5 star

5 stars for audio, 5 stars for puzzles, 5 stars for photo directions. Well done

Perfect with kids!

Highly recommended day activity with kids! For the price, the app was so well designed, the adventure kit really well thought out, and audio narration top notch.
We had such a great time with our primary school aged kids, thank you and will be placing our order for the next Unlocked Tour!


A perfect way to see Sydney. Completed it while shopping, sight seeing and dining. Such a great concept, highly recommend it.

Awesome tour of Sydney Harbour Bridge

This was a great tour to explore the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it took me approx. 2 hours and was able to explore areas that I was previously not aware of as well.

Great historical commentary

We did the Sydney Highlights tour and thoroughly enjoyed the commentary, it went into just enough detail and gave some entertaining stories of convicts, Aboriginal culture and the Opera House. The puzzles were fun, albeit challenging for some of us - we used the hints to finish some of them off. The bits of music and sound effects etc really made the tour very engaging. Will try and do the bridge one next time

Loved the puzzles

Tour was heaps of fun, commentary was really clear, the views of the harbour were perfect on a day with no clouds, but the puzzles were what stood out. It was a lot of fun trying to figure them out, and we only had to use a couple of the clues for the ones we just missed out on. A really fun way to spend the afternoon.

Good overview of the bridge

This was a great way to experience the bridge. the route took about two hours if you took your time and then you could continue and see other stuff in the rocks area too. The commentary voice was the best, very soothing. I liked it when there was the sound effects and music too, headphones were a smart move. There was also the lady voice to give directions between the different spots and the photos were really good so we didn't get lost. Really a good experience

Harbour bridge tour

I really enjoyed the unlocked tours bridge walk, it was great we could do it in our time! Amazing scenery and great historical information about the harbour bridge! The puzzle games were a fun thing to do whilst admiring beautiful Sydney.

bf and I had fun on the bridge tour

We've had a great time exploring the bridge today -thought we knew Sydney and the bridge so well having crossed it so many times, but were pleasantly surprised by the great history and audio. The puzzles were a challenge and really enjoyable. A great afternoon

Really informative, v. good details

As everybody knows - the bridge is absolutely iconic part of Sydney. The construction is also really interesting considering the age of it. We had tickets to the opera that night and decided to do this in the day time, the audio was excellent and the puzzles were fun. We'd recommend to our friends

Great value

If you aren't doing the bridgeclimb then this is a must do while in Sydney. Incredible engineering. So many great photo spots on the way also. While here, it is worth stopping into the typical old pubs which you go past on the tour.

Very informative and engaging.

My partner and I took this tour recently and although we have both lived in Sydney our whole lives we were learning a lot along the way. The Puzzles have a good range of difficulty which encourage you to look at your surroundings more in-depth than usual, often finding interesting details of the historical sites you would have looked over otherwise. It is safe to say that both of us are looking forward to the release of more tours!