7 Unique Things To Do in Sydney For Your Anniversary (2023)

If you're looking for something a bit different to do in Sydney for a special anniversary, we've found the best unique things that suit couples of all ages.

Harbour Bridge Audio+Puzzle Tour

Website: Click here

  • Outdoor 'escape-room' style puzzles
  • Audiobook quality commentary
  • Deep historical insight into the bridge and it's construction

Paid: $39 per tour kit, suitable for up to 3 people

Duration: Approx 2 hours

Location: Dawes Point and surrounds

Suitable for: Teenagers, Geocachers, Young Professionals, Young Adults, Adults, Couples

This Sydney Harbour Bridge Tour has been put together by a former Bridgeclimb climb leader/guide, and offers detailed information and Sydney Harbour Bridge facts, as well as entertaining stories and facts about the bridge and it's construction. A great way to learn about the bridge and have some fun at the same time!

Go to Balmoral Beach for a swim, a walk, or some coffee & cake

Website: Click here

  • One of Sydneys most beautiful harbour beaches
  • Swim, walk along the beach, explore the rock pools
  • Grab a coffee and cake at the stunning Bathers Pavilion

Free: Free to explore the beach, swim. Book ahead for Bathers Pavilion


Location: Balmoral Beach, Mosman

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults, Couples, Seniors

Nestled along Sydney's picturesque coastline, Balmoral Beach is a serene oasis that captivates hearts with its natural beauty and inviting ambiance. With its pristine golden sands, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking views, Balmoral Beach offers an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether you're seeking solitude, a romantic outing, or quality time with loved ones, Balmoral Beach beckons with its enchanting blend of nature's beauty and laid-back charm. Unwind, rejuvenate, and immerse yourself in the coastal magic that defines Balmoral Beach.

Turn up the heat with a cooking class

Website: Click here

  • Enhance your culinary skills and learn new techniques
  • Explore diverse cuisines and experiment with ingredients
  • Social and interactive experience, so you can collaborate in preparing meals

Paid: Prices usually start at about $100 per person

Duration: Normally 2 to 3 hours

Location: Various locations around Sydney

Suitable for: Teenagers, Young Professionals, Young Adults, Adults, Couples

Relish in a cooking class for the chance to master new culinary skills under expert guidance, while also savoring the delight of crafting delectable dishes and sharing the experience with like-minded food enthusiasts. These classes blend learning with hands-on fun, fostering a sense of accomplishment and connection through the joy of cooking. Some classes include BBQ and meats, pastries and desserts, beginner courses, or even specialty international cuisines.

Visit the Wendy Whitely Secret Garden at Lavender Bay

Website: Click here

  • One of Sydney's best kept harbourside secrets
  • Explore the fairy houses, hidden pathways and beautiful plants
  • Find a spot to sit and have a coffee or picnic

Free: Completely free to enter

Duration: From 1 to a couple of hours

Location: Right in the heart of Lavender Bay

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults, Couples, Seniors

If you asked around, you would find that many people have heard of Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden, and some would have already been there and connected with it. It is not really a secret. It is actually one of the worst kept secrets in Sydney. It is a wonderful experience wandering through the different levels of the garden, observing the fairy houses, the artefacts and artworks, and of course the wonderful plants and luscious landscapes.

Do the Spit to Manly Walk

Website: Click here

  • See beautiful beaches and landscapes
  • Get in touch with nature walking through bushland
  • Easily accessible in the heart of Sydney

Free: All public land, no entry fees

Duration: Half day

Location: Starts at the Spit Bridge, Mosman/Seaforth

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Professionals

The Spit to Manly walk is a fantastic walk of about 3 hours. We recommend starting at the Spit and walking to Manly, and then you can enjoy something to eat or drink once you're finished.

Go on a whale watching adventure

Website: Click here

  • Witness majestic marine creatures in their natural habitat
  • Create cherished memories through firsthand encounters with these magnificent animals
  • Awe-inspiring spectacle of some of earths largest animals

Paid: Prices start at about $70 per adult, $50 per child

Duration: Normally a few hours to half a day

Location: Sydney Harbour + outside the heads

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults, Couples, Seniors

Whale watching offers a captivating experience, allowing individuals to witness the grace and grandeur of these majestic creatures in their ocean home, fostering a deeper appreciation for marine life and the wonders of the natural world. It's a unique blend of adventure and awe that leaves lasting memories and a renewed sense of connection to the oceans.

Go ten-pin bowling at somewhere like Strike

Website: Click here

  • Casual fun and competition while being active
  • Food and drinks available usually
  • Fun and relaxed setting for couples, families, and groups to enjoy each other's company

Paid: Games are typically $10-$15 per person

Duration: Normally 1 to 3 hours

Location: Various locations around Sydney

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Professionals, Young Adults, Adults, Couples, Seniors

No fun was spared in the creation of bowling venues in Sydney. In addition to bowling, most places typically have a bar, restaurant, food options etc, as well as other activities on site like laser tag arenas, karaoke and escape rooms for when you need more thrills.

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