Fun and Interactive Outdoor Puzzles

Our puzzles have been carefully crafted to add that "x-factor" to your adventure. Sightseeing is an important part of exploring a city, but here at Unlocked Tours we take it up a notch by including our famous "outdoor escape-room" style puzzles with each tour.


Escape-room style puzzles

Our puzzles are designed to encourage you to interact with the surrounding area while you're exploring the various tour stops, sort of like a "scavenger hunt" but more sophisticated and challenging.

To solve these fun puzzles you'll need to use the world around you, as well as the puzzle tools you've been provided. Things to look out for include information panels, tram station ticket machines, or hidden patterns on buildings!


A variety of puzzle types

Coded messages, hidden clues, secret patterns, Morse code - these are just some of the types of puzzles you will encounter.

Each Tour Kit comes with a tour booklet, plus all the Puzzle Tools and clues you'll need to solve the puzzles.


Puzzles suitable for all ages

Just like a indoor escape-room, our puzzles are suitable for ages from 8 and up. Our puzzles all have a 3-star difficulty rating:

  • Simpler: Requires looking around to find the answer, should be solved within a minute or two
  • Medium: Might require a puzzle tool or further investigation in the area, might take a few minutes
  • Complex: Requires multiple steps or Puzzle Tools to be solved. Typically takes a bit longer to solve
  • For Beginners & Experienced Players

    Our tours and puzzles are structured so anyone can enjoy them, whether you're starting out or an experienced puzzle solver. If you get stuck, every puzzle has hints to help you along.

  • Progressive Hints If You Get Stuck

    Each puzzle has multiple hints, with each hint revealing more and more information. This allows you to solve the puzzle on your own with just a bit of help if it's needed.

  • Answer Validation via Mobile App

    Once you've finished solving the puzzles, you put the answer into our mobile app and it will tell you if you've got it correct or not - if not, you can always try again.

Some of our tours with Puzzles