Sustainability and Our Impact

At Unlocked Tours we aim to give people fun experiences, run a viable business, and have a positive impact on the world.

For us this means aiming to positively contribute to our local communities that we live, work and explore in, as well as minimising the impact that the work we do has on the environment as much as possible. 

We aim to do this by sourcing as many services, products, and supplies we can as locally as possible, and ensuring that any suppliers we use are reputable and follow similar values to our own.

Our Suppliers

Where possible, we aim to use suppliers and services that have products and services that are produced or made in Australia.

Some examples of the suppliers we use are:

  • Tour kit printing: Our booklets, puzzle tools, and any other printed material we have is printed solely in AustraliaWe use a few different printers, but depending on the volume our printing is done in either Brookvale, Penrith, or Ryde (all located in NSW)
  • Technology providers (App): Our technology platforms for the app are based in New Zealand. Currently our hosting is in the USA, yet we are in discussions at the moment to have our hosting moved to local datacenters in Australia.
  • Technology Providers (Design): We use Canva to do the vast majority of our designs; Canva is an Australian company located not far from us in Sydney. Additionally, they are carbon neutral.
  • Technology Providers (eCommerce): We use Shopify, the market leader for online stores, to power our online store. While we couldn't find a suitable local supplier for our ecommerce store, we were happy to use Shopify as they are carbon neutral, being hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (which is also carbon neutral).

Reducing our carbon footprint

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible so that running Unlocked Tours does not have a negative impact on the local and global environments.

We are undergoing the process at the moment of becoming a carbon neutral organisation, yet these things take time. We will be updating this page as this progressed.

Just because we aren't fully carbon neutral yet doesn't mean we shouldn't try to reduce the impact we have though. Some ways in which we aim to reduce our carbon footprint already are:

  • Choosing suppliers who are carbon neutral or even carbon negative where possible. Eg Canva, Shopify, Google as above
  • Choosing low-emission transport as much as possible when traveling for work. This includes public transport, ebikes (we like HelloRide), and electric or hybrid cars where we can.
  • Reusing and recycling office paper/equipment/supplies where possible
  • Working towards becoming carbon neutral and even carbon negative

Working in our communities

We believe it is important to look after our physical environment around us, through reducing our carbon impact and emissions, but also in contributing to and becoming a positive member of the communities we live, work and explore in. 

We are undertaking initial steps to make sure the organisation is set up to have a positive impact on the community. Once this progresses further, we will be updating this page of the website.