8 Things To Do In Sydney for Nerds (Updated for 2023)

If you're looking for something to do in Sydney that might be a bit geeky, nerdy, or quirky, then read on - we've got the 8 best things for nerds and geeks to do in Sydney.

Harbour Bridge Audio+Puzzle Tour

Website: Click here

  • Outdoor 'escape-room' style puzzles
  • Audiobook quality commentary
  • Deep historical insight into the bridge and it's construction

Paid: $39 per tour kit, suitable for up to 3 people

Duration: Approx 2 hours

Location: Dawes Point and surrounds

Suitable for: Teenagers, Geocachers, Young Professionals, Adults

This Sydney Harbour Bridge Tour has been put together by a former Bridgeclimb climb leader/guide, and offers detailed information and Sydney Harbour Bridge facts, as well as entertaining stories and facts about the bridge and it's construction. A great way to learn about the bridge and have some fun at the same time!

Visit the Lego store @ Broadway

Website: Click here

  • Dedicated LEGO store
  • Plenty to see, touch and play with
  • Many rare LEGO kits that may be sold out elsewhere

Free: Free to enter

Duration: Approx 1 hour

Location: Broadway Shopping Centre

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Professionals, Adults, Seniors

Step into a world of imagination and creativity at the LEGO Store! Unleash your inner builder as you explore an array of vibrant LEGO sets, from iconic landmarks to epic movie scenes. Whether you're a master architect or just starting your LEGO journey, the store is a haven for all ages.

Visit a gaming arcade like Timezone

Website: Click here

  • Plenty of games to choose from
  • Suitable for all ages, and in all weather
  • See what prizes you can score from tickets

Paid: Games start from just $2

Duration: From 1 to a few hours

Location: Various locations accross Sydney (incl CBD)

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Professionals, Adults, Seniors

Tired of playing the same old video games at home? Why not up the ante with a trip to a Timezone arcade near you? It's video arcade games galore where you can smash some high scores! From arcade classics to next-level immersive virtual reality games, there’s something for everyone at Timezone.

Find some Geocaching puzzles

Website: Click here

  • Challenge yours wits
  • Explore new areas
  • Easy to get started

Free: There is free caches, and can pay for premium for extra ones

Duration: From 30mins to 6 hours

Location: Available all over

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Geocachers, Young Professionals, Adults, Seniors

Geocaching is like a maintained, worldwide, community scavenger hunt, where people have hidden "caches" at various locations, and then your job is to use the app to go and try and find them. Geocaching is a great way to explore a new city or area. One of our favourite things to do is to set out to find a number of caches in a new area, as it often helps us find hidden spots as well!

Visit a board game bar like Fortress

Website: Click here

  • Gaming on boardgames, consoles, computers
  • Bar and restaurant on site
  • Dedicated to gaming and fun

Free: Free to enter, pay for games/food/drinks etc

Duration: From one to a few hours

Location: Broadway, Sydney

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Geocachers, Young Professionals, Adults

Fortress is the ultimate all-ages games culture and experiences venue, with heaps of different types to play - analog, digital and everything in between. The first venue of its kind, Fortress is a large complex spanning over 2,500 square metres. Home to 100s of playable devices and interactive experiences.

Fly a kite and feel the wind in your strings

  • Affordable to get started
  • Gets you outdoors and enjoying nature
  • Very calming and can take advantage of windy weather

Free: Entry level kites are $5 for single line, $30 for dual line

Duration: From 10min to couple of hours

Location: Any suitable local park or beach

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Professionals, Adults, Seniors

Flying a kite is a fantastic way to spend some time in the outdoors for people of all ages. There is something so calming and soothing about having a kite just floating in the wind, and if you take a dual line kite (aka "stunt kite") then it can be quite exhilerating as well. There's no better way to make use of a windy day out in nature.

Get your frag on at a LAN cafe

Website: Click here

  • Almost unlimited games and options to choose from
  • Play old school classics like CS, Diablo, COD
  • Compete against both friends and strangers

Paid: Computer usage can start from $5 an hour

Duration: From 1 hour to all day

Location: Various locations around Sydney business districts

Suitable for: Teenagers, Young Professionals, Adults

LAN cafes offer an unparalleled gaming experience by providing gamers with high-performance computers, lightning-fast internet, and a vibrant social atmosphere. These hubs of digital entertainment allow players to dive into their favorite games without worrying about technical limitations, while also fostering connections with fellow enthusiasts through multiplayer matches and friendly competition.

Go-karting at an inner-city electric kart track

Website: Click here

  • Fast karts on an indoor track
  • Hyperkarting is suitable for rainy weather
  • Race against your friends or just your best time

Paid: Prices start from $19 up to $59 per session

Duration: Sessions are 15 minutes

Location: Level 5, EQ Carpark, Moore Park

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Professionals, Adults

Hyper Karting has Australia’s longest indoor electric go-kart track, with state-of-the-art fleet of electric go-karts that blast around the carpark track at a quick pace. With high tech time tracking available across the track broken into sectors 1, 2 and 3 (just like in F1), you can see where you're making up (or losing) time compared to your friends!

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