14 Things To Do in Sydney For Groups (Updated 2023)

We've compiled this list of unique things to do in Sydney that are perfect for groups. Whether you're looking for group things to do in Sydney for a big or small group, from 4 people to 40 people, we've got something listed below for you.

Harbour Bridge Audio+Puzzle Tour

Website: Click here

  • Outdoor 'escape-room' style puzzles
  • Audiobook quality commentary
  • Deep historical insight into the bridge and it's construction

Paid: $39 per tour kit, suitable for up to 3 people

Duration: Approx 2 hours

Location: Dawes Point and surrounds

Suitable for: Teenagers, Geocachers, Young Professionals, Young Adults, Adults, Couples

This Sydney Harbour Bridge Tour has been put together by a former Bridgeclimb climb leader/guide, and offers detailed information and Sydney Harbour Bridge facts, as well as entertaining stories and facts about the bridge and it's construction. A great way to learn about the bridge and have some fun at the same time!

Do the Spit to Manly Walk

Website: Click here

  • See beautiful beaches and landscapes
  • Get in touch with nature walking through bushland
  • Easily accessible in the heart of Sydney

Free: All public land, no entry fees

Duration: Half day

Location: Starts at the Spit Bridge, Mosman/Seaforth

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Professionals

The Spit to Manly walk is a fantastic walk of about 3 hours. We recommend starting at the Spit and walking to Manly, and then you can enjoy something to eat or drink once you're finished.

Visit a gaming arcade like Timezone

Website: Click here

  • Plenty of games to choose from
  • Suitable for all ages, and in all weather
  • See what prizes you can score from tickets

Paid: Games start from just $2

Duration: From 1 to a few hours

Location: Various locations accross Sydney (incl CBD)

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Professionals, Adults, Seniors

Tired of playing the same old video games at home? Why not up the ante with a trip to a Timezone arcade near you? It's video arcade games galore where you can smash some high scores! From arcade classics to next-level immersive virtual reality games, there’s something for everyone at Timezone.

Go to a local driving range to hit some golf balls

Website: Click here

  • Fun for everyone, experienced golfers or beginners
  • Low cost and time commitment compared to a full round of golf
  • Plenty of fun for singles, the whole family, kids, couples and groups

Paid: Can be as low as $18 for 55 golf balls

Duration: Normally 30 mins to a few hours

Location: Various driving ranges around the city

Suitable for: Teenagers, Young Professionals, Young Adults, Adults, Couples, Seniors

The driving range is a versatile activity suitable for both novice golfers looking to learn the basics and experienced players eager to refine their skills. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned golfer, the range provides a fun activity to hit some golf balls, practice your swing or just get together as a social activity.

Do the world famous Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

Website: Click here

  • Stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean, with its cliffside paths providing panoramic views
  • Escape the urban hustle and immerse yourselves in the tranquility of nature
  • Stroll along picturesque trails, past rock pools, and through lush green spaces

Free: No cost associated with this walk

Duration: Typically 2 to 3 hours, including stops

Location: We recommend starting at Coogee and finishing at Bondi for food, drink

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Professionals, Young Adults, Adults, Couples, Seniors

On the Coogee to Bondi walk, you'll be treated to breathtaking coastal vistas, shimmering blue waters, sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and lush greenery. The path takes you past iconic landmarks, rock pools, and inviting cafes, offering a vibrant blend of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and the soothing sounds of the ocean. It is easily one of the best ways to spend a stunning Sydney day.

Walk over the Harbour Bridge

  • Look out over the stunning Sydney Harbour
  • Walk across the largest arch bridge in the world
  • For a high up look, climb the bridge pylon

Free: Free to walk over the bridge (no tolls required :) )

Duration: Approx 1 hour

Location: Start at Milsons Point bridge stairs

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Geocachers, Young Professionals, Young Adults, Adults, Couples, Seniors

Walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a captivating experience that allows you to savor breathtaking views of Sydney's iconic skyline and the shimmering waters of the harbor below. As you stroll across this architectural marvel, you can't help but feel a sense of connection to the city's history and the vibrant energy of the bustling harbour beneath.

Go ice-skating at an indoor ice rink

Website: Click here

  • Australia isn't known for it's winter sports, making this unique
  • Ice skating can be challenging but a lot of fun
  • Getting together with friends and have a laugh while trying not to fall over

Paid: Approx $25 per person

Duration: Normally about 30 mins - 1 hour

Location: Various ice rinks around the city

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults, Couples

Ice skating offers a thrilling sense of gliding on ice, the joy of mastering elegant moves, and the opportunity to embrace the festive spirit of winter. It's a delightful blend of athleticism, artistic expression, and winter wonder that appeals to individuals of all ages. While Australia isn't known for it's icy winters (non-existent), there is still a few indoor ice rinks throughout Sydney.

Catch the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly

Website: Click here

  • The cheapest harbour cruise (sort of cruise) in Sydney
  • Get a water level view of the city
  • Explore, grab a bite to eat or a drink in Manly

Paid: Cost is about $8 each way

Duration: 30 minutes each way

Location: Departs from Wharf 3, Circular Quay

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Professionals, Young Adults, Adults, Couples, Seniors

Catching the ferry to Manly is like embarking on a mini-adventure, where you leave the bustling city behind and cruise across the sparkling waters of Sydney Harbor, revealing stunning coastal scenery along the way. As you approach Manly, the anticipation builds, promising a day of relaxation on beautiful beaches, exploration of charming streets, and a taste of seaside dining.

Visit the world famous Bondi Beach

Website: Click here

  • Surf, sunbathe, and watch the locals and tourists
  • Grab a bite to eat or something to drink at one of the famous bars
  • See the lifeguards from the famous show Bondi Rescue

Free: The beach is completely free

Duration: Typically 2 to 5 hours

Location: Bondi Beach

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Professionals, Young Adults, Adults, Couples, Seniors

Visiting Bondi Beach is an invitation to experience the quintessential Australian beach culture, where the golden sands, world-class surf, and vibrant atmosphere create an irresistible coastal paradise. Whether you're sunbathing, catching waves, or strolling along the iconic promenade, Bondi Beach offers a dynamic blend of relaxation and adventure by the sea.

Visit/Picnic/Walk the Royal Botanical Gardens

Website: Click here

  • Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens showcase a rich variety of plant species from around the world
  • The gardens' stunning location by Sydney Harbor offers breathtaking views of the harbor
  • The gardens host educational programs, workshops, and guided tours

Free: Entry to the gardens is completely free

Duration: From 1 to 3 hours

Location: Beside Circular Quay, Sydney CBD

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Geocachers, Young Professionals, Young Adults, Adults, Couples, Seniors

Visiting the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens is like stepping into a living encyclopedia of plants, where you can explore lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and a diverse range of botanical wonders from around the world. As you meander through this scenic oasis by Sydney Harbor, you'll not only find tranquility but also enjoy sweeping views of iconic landmarks like the Opera House, making it a truly enriching experience.

Go on a beer adventure around the inner-west breweries

Website: Click here

  • Visit up to 13 independent craft breweries
  • Explore the Inner West of Sydney, the Craft Beer Capital of Australia
  • Visit breweries like Young Henries, Philter and The Grifter

Paid: Visiting the breweries is free, purchase of food and drinks extra

Duration: Depends on how many breweries visited, but typically a few hours

Location: Inner West Sydney

Suitable for: Young Professionals, Young Adults, Adults, Couples, Seniors

The Inner West Ale Trail is a Sydney institution. People come from all over Sydney and the world to visit the Inner West, the craft beer capital of Australia The trail spans from St Peters all the way to Rozelle – with 12 stops along the way.

Go-karting at an inner-city electric kart track

Website: Click here

  • Fast karts on an indoor track
  • Hyperkarting is suitable for rainy weather
  • Race against your friends or just your best time

Paid: Prices start from $19 up to $59 per session

Duration: Sessions are 15 minutes

Location: Level 5, EQ Carpark, Moore Park

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Professionals, Adults

Hyper Karting has Australia’s longest indoor electric go-kart track, with state-of-the-art fleet of electric go-karts that blast around the carpark track at a quick pace. With high tech time tracking available across the track broken into sectors 1, 2 and 3 (just like in F1), you can see where you're making up (or losing) time compared to your friends!

Go on a whale watching adventure

Website: Click here

  • Witness majestic marine creatures in their natural habitat
  • Create cherished memories through firsthand encounters with these magnificent animals
  • Awe-inspiring spectacle of some of earths largest animals

Paid: Prices start at about $70 per adult, $50 per child

Duration: Normally a few hours to half a day

Location: Sydney Harbour + outside the heads

Suitable for: Kids, Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults, Couples, Seniors

Whale watching offers a captivating experience, allowing individuals to witness the grace and grandeur of these majestic creatures in their ocean home, fostering a deeper appreciation for marine life and the wonders of the natural world. It's a unique blend of adventure and awe that leaves lasting memories and a renewed sense of connection to the oceans.

Turn up the heat with a cooking class

Website: Click here

  • Enhance your culinary skills and learn new techniques
  • Explore diverse cuisines and experiment with ingredients
  • Social and interactive experience, so you can collaborate in preparing meals

Paid: Prices usually start at about $100 per person

Duration: Normally 2 to 3 hours

Location: Various locations around Sydney

Suitable for: Teenagers, Young Professionals, Young Adults, Adults, Couples

Relish in a cooking class for the chance to master new culinary skills under expert guidance, while also savoring the delight of crafting delectable dishes and sharing the experience with like-minded food enthusiasts. These classes blend learning with hands-on fun, fostering a sense of accomplishment and connection through the joy of cooking. Some classes include BBQ and meats, pastries and desserts, beginner courses, or even specialty international cuisines.

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